Corporate Opportunities

Did you know…

  • 41% of Americans purchase a product because of a cause-related corporate commitment
  • 80% will switch brands because a product is tied to a cause they care about
  • 83% wish more corporations would support a cause
  • 85% have a more positive image of a product or company because of a cause they support
  • 88% believe that cause marketing is good for business and for the public
  • 90% of consumers – 278 million Americans – want corporations to promote causes they are involved with

Partnering with Komen Northern & Central California delivers on a Promise!

  • Employee volunteer programs
  • In-kind and cash sponsorship opportunities that align with business goals
  • Employee education and support programs
  • High visibility multi-media collaboration
  • Corporate teams at high visibility events
  • Employee giving and matching gift opportunities

Which event is right for your business?

Susan G. Komen Northern & Central California seeks to create partnerships with companies that are mutually beneficial for the long term.

Realizing that every partner has a unique audience, opportunity, and goals, we offer a variety of programs that will ensure the partnership can grow and evolve.


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